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Relevant IA coursesRelevant lecture blocksSpecific relevant lectures/ topics
Development IA Cells Development (Bate) Lecture 6: Plant development
Signal transduction (Webb) Lecture 4: Plant signalling
IA E&B Origins of plants (Glover) Lecture 3: Self incompatibility
Angiosperm radiation (Glover) Lectures 2&3: ABC model
IA PoO Plant physiology (Hibberd) Lecture 1: Circadian clock
Plant hormones (Glover) All lectures
Suggested review article: 'Don't leaf now. The making of a fruit'. Ostergaard (2009) Current Opinion in Plant Biology 12:36-41
Environmental microbiology IA Cells Living cell (Green) Lecture 1: Cell walls
Signal transduction (Webb) Lecture 3: Prokaryote signalling
IA PoO Plant pathology (Carr) Lectures 1&2: Bacteria and fungi
Suggested review article: 'Determinants of specificity in two-component signal transduction'. Podgornaia and Laub (2013) Current Opinion in Microbiology 16:156-162
Epidemiology IA MB*

Population dynamics (Cunniffe)
Interacting populations (Trapp)
Ecological modelling (Russell)

Suggested review article: 'Impact of scale on the effectiveness of disease control strategies for epidemics with cryptic infection in a dynamical landscape: an example for a crop disease'. Gilligan et al. (2007) Journal of the Royal Society Interface 4:925-34
Plant-microbe interactions IA Cells Genes in action (Welch) Lecture 6: Regulation by small RNAs
IA PoO Plant pathology (Carr) Lecture 4: Plant defence
Suggested review article: 'Plant immunity: towards an integrated view of plant-pathogen interactions'. Dodds and Rathjen (2010) Nature Reviews Genetics 11:539-548
Beneficial plant-microbe interactions IA Cells Chemistry of life (Hanke) Lecture 8: Nitrogen fixation
IA E&B Origins of plants (Glover) Lecture 2: Mycorrhizae
IA PoO Plant pathology (Carr) Lectures 1&2: Bacteria and fungi
Lecture 3: Plant as microbial host
Suggested review article: 'Evolution of the plant-microbe symbiotic 'toolkit''. Delaux et al. (2013) Trends in Plant Science 18(6):298-304
Plant-animal interactions IA E&B Origins of plants (Glover) Lecture 4: Herbivore defences
Angiosperm radiation (Glover) Lecture 3: Gene duplication
IA PoO Physiological ecology (Griffiths) Lecture 9: Plant-animal interactions
Suggested review article: 'The specificity of herbivore-induced plant volatiles in attracting herbivore enemies'. McCormick et al. (2012) Trends in Plant Science 17(5):303-310

* For these lectures a detailed understanding of the underlying mathematics will not be required.  Those who have done any Maths A/B may find the mathematical background useful.  Those who have done EMB are not expected to go through this IA material, and the IB lectures will be pitched to be accessible to those of all mathematical backgrounds.