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Relevant IA coursesRelevant lecture blocksSpecific relevant lectures/ topics
Development IA Cells Development (Weil) Lecture 6: Plant development
Signal transduction (Webb) Lecture 4: Plant signalling
IA E&B Origins of plants (Glover) Lecture 3: Self incompatibility
Angiosperm radiation (Glover) Lectures 2&3: ABC model
IA PoO A Grounding in Plant Physiology (Griffiths) Lecture 6: Introduction to Plants
Lecture 7: Sensing and Responding to the Environment
Plant Physiology Underground (Paszkowski) Lecture 16: PGRs and Developmental Plasticity
Lecture 17: Communication in Plants
Lecture 18: Movement in Plants
Suggested review article: 'Don't leaf now. The making of a fruit'. Ostergaard (2009) Current Opinion in Plant Biology 12:36-41
Environmental microbiology IA Cells The Living Cell (Akam) Lecture 1: Cell walls
Lecture 2: Essential cell activities
Signal transduction (Webb) Lecture 3: Prokaryote signalling
IA PoO Plant pathology (Carr) Lectures 1&2: Bacteria and fungi
Suggested review article: 'Determinants of specificity in two-component signal transduction'. Podgornaia and Laub (2013) Current Opinion in Microbiology 16:156-162
Epidemiology IA MB*

Population dynamics (Cunniffe)
Models of Interacting Species (Restif)
Evolutionary modelling (Johnstone)

Suggested review article: 'Impact of scale on the effectiveness of disease control strategies for epidemics with cryptic infection in a dynamical landscape: an example for a crop disease'. Gilligan et al. (2007) Journal of the Royal Society Interface 4:925-34
Plant-microbe interactions IA Cells Genes in action (Monie) Lecture 5: Controlling gene expression
IA PoO Cell Proliferation (Pina) Lecture 3: Viruses
Suggested review article: 'Plant immunity: towards an integrated view of plant-pathogen interactions'. Dodds and Rathjen (2010) Nature Reviews Genetics 11:539-548
Beneficial plant-microbe interactions IA Cells Chemistry of life (Hibberd) Lecture 8: Amino acid synthesis
IA E&B Origins of plants (Glover) Lecture 2: Mycorrhizae
IA PoO Plant pathology (Carr) Lectures 1&2: Bacteria and fungi
Lecture 3: Plant as microbial host
Suggested review article: 'Evolution of the plant-microbe symbiotic 'toolkit''. Delaux et al. (2013) Trends in Plant Science 18(6):298-304
Plant-animal interactions IA E&B Origins of plants (Glover) Lecture 4: Herbivore defences
Angiosperm radiation (Glover) Lecture 3: Gene duplication
IA PoO A Grounding in Plant Physiology (Griffiths) Lecture 12: Solutes
Suggested review article: 'The specificity of herbivore-induced plant volatiles in attracting herbivore enemies'. McCormick et al. (2012) Trends in Plant Science 17(5):303-310

* For these lectures a detailed understanding of the underlying mathematics will not be required.  Those who have done any Maths A/B may find the mathematical background useful.

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