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Teaching support

The Teaching Laboratory was relocated to the ground floor in 2014 and now boasts state of the art equipment. The lab also provides space and materials for outside research groups and schools (Saps and Sutton trust) out of term time.

The teaching laboratory is also used for company exhibitions; this costs £100; it also provides space and materials for outside research groups and schools (Saps and Sutton trust) out of term time. Out of term time, teaching equipment is loaned out to research groups for short term loans.

Teaching Coordinator

Has responsibility for co-ordinating, maintaining and improving the Department's teaching - whether that be in lectures, practicals or the arrangement of supervisions. Advises individual academics on the content and presentation of lectures, handouts, audio-visual material, and course guides, and assists in monitoring the quality of the Department's teaching using departmental and University quality assurance procedures.

Undergraduate Teaching Administrator

Assists with the day-to-day co-ordination of teaching activities in the Department including preparation, distribution and collation of student questionnaires, student recruitment and publicity activities, organization of field trips, updating lecture and practical timetables, and keeping records of demonstrating; provides assistance with the day-to-day co-ordination of joint teaching activities and initiatives with other Departments, including liaison with academic staff in other Departments as necessary; produces agendas for the Teaching and Management Committees, attends meetings and takes minutes, providing assistance in drawing up and circulating resulting action lists.

Chief Teaching Technician

Responsible for practical preparation. Prepares media and equipment for all the departments teaching needs. Grows plant material in the teaching greenhouse and also use the Plant Growth Facility for practicals, in conjunction with the teaching and management committee's.

Deals with all the safety aspects regarding student practicals, provide chemical and practical risk assessments, liaising with Academic staff over what is required for their practicals over the coming academic year.  Organises printing of lectures and practical handouts in conjunction with academic staff. Supply the Cyanide for the department.

Teaching Technicians

There are two Teaching Technicians with others helping out when needed.

Teaching Assistant

Assists with the continued development of teaching material for IA and IB via creation of new resources for lectures, practicals and supervisions. Coordinates supervisor allocations and delivers the training and development for supervisors within the Department. Supports the Teaching Coordinator in a range of other tasks to maintain teaching quality as required.


Dr Nik Cunniffe

Dr Nik Cunniffe

Head of Group; Teaching Coordinator

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Ms Barbara Landamore

Ms Barbara Landamore

Chief Teaching Technician, Chief First Aider

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