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Cambridge University Botanic Garden September 15 & 16th


Registration and abstract submission deadline is 19th August 2016

What: A meeting aimed to strengthen and build the community of plant evolutionary biologists in the UK, following the first and very successful UK Plant Evolution meeting in Edinburgh in September 2014.

When: 15 and 16 September, 2016

Where: Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Why: The United Kingdom is home to exceptional evolutionary biologists. However, compared to the number of evolutionary zoologists, the number of their botanical counterparts are few. In many cases, UK plant evolutionary biologists are in small numbers at any one institution, and such isolation can hinder progress. UK plant evolutionary biologists could make better progress and be involved in larger-scale projects if there was more communication and collaboration within their community. The primary goal of this meeting is to consolidate the UK plant evolutionary biology community and highlight the potential for new collaborations. This meeting is part of a longer-term process of strengthening the UK plant evolution community.

The scope of the meeting aims to cover several major areas of plant evolution research in the UK.


The meeting will be held at the Sainsbury Laboratory at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. The Garden does not open to the public until 10am, so if arriving before that please enter via the Sainsbury Laboratory, following the directions at this link:



If you have any questions, please contact: