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Links with experimentation and testing models against data

The mathematical and experimental programmes are strongly linked. For example, theoretical work on the consequences of seasonality for epidemics in agricultural crops is accompanied by experiments on R. solani infecting radish seedlings in easily-controllable microcosms. Similarly, modelling of the growth of fungi in soil evolves in concert with the experimental techniques in soil physics to control the spatial structures through which micro-organisms spread along with techniques which make it possible to visualise fungi in that environment. Other work on the regional spread of diseases, draw on extensive field data from collaborating organisations and our own archives. Current and previous examples include:

  • Rhizomania disease of sugar beet
  • Dutch elm disease
  • Citrus canker disease
  • Fungicide resistance
  • Biological control of Sclerotinia disease
  • Bubonic plague
  • Seal distemper disease
  • control of Rhizoct.