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Beverley Glover

Professor Beverley Glover


From top: The petal epidermis of a speedwell flower; Blue structural colour produced by the fruit of Pollia condensata; Insect-mimicking spots on the capitulum of Gorteria diffusa.


From left: A developing daisy composite inflorescence; A bee gripping a leaf.



matthew flower3 lg

Fagopyrum esculentum (buckwheat)

matthew flower2 lg

Antirrhinum majus (Snapdragon)

matthew flower lg

Antirrhinum majus

matthew flower4 lg

Gorteria diffusa (Beetle daisy)

veronica flower

Martinez lg

bailes illus

9780199661602 140

fernandez small

fernandez large

martinez buds

moyroud lg

moyroud sm

mellers1 sm

mellers1 lg

davis gwen

Pyracanthum anther tip


bee studenthsip

matthew 2016a

matthew 2016e

matthew 2016d

matthew 2016c

matthew 2016b

doria 1

doria 2


fattorini 1

fattorini 2

c davis 1

c davis 2

Glover Lab members with Titus as it reached the end of its two-day flowering period

Airoldi 2

Airoldi 1


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