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Visit the other labs in the Department of Plant Sciences, Cambridge

or some other related labs:

Prof Andrew Millar Circadian rhythms and luciferase imaging.

Prof. Julie Gray The molecular biology of the guard cell.

Dr Carl Johnson Circadian rhythms and calcium signalling using aequorin.

Prof. Marc Knight Calcium signalling and aequorin.

Professor Alistair Hetherington Calcium signalling and guard cells.

Professor Dale Sanders Calcium ion transport and signalling

Dr Jorge Gonçalves Control theory and circadian oscillators

Dr Isabelle Carré Circadian oscillators in plants

Dr Anthony Hall Temperature compensation of circadian clocks

Prof. Steve Kay Circadian clocks

Dr David Somers Light input into plant circadian clocks

Dr Stacey Harmer Circadian regulation of transcription

Dr Julian Maloof Light perception by plants

Prof Rob McClung Circadian clocks in plants

Extremely cool circadian clock movies 

The People Who Pay For The Research

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships


The Royal Society

The Wellcome Trust The Wellcome Trust

logo nuffield The Nuffield Foundation

logo epsrc Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

logo niab NIAB

Research Equipment and Supplies

logo cairn Cairn - Manufacturers of equipment for calcium imaging and electrophysiology.

Photek Manufacturers of low light imaging cameras that we use for measurements of aequorin and luciferase luminescence.

Molecular Probes Fluorescent probes, including calcium indicators.

Chroma Filters for fluorescence microscopy.

logo scion Scion - Download free image analysis software.

logo ppsystems PPSystems - Manufacturers of equipment for plant physiology. We use their IRGA to measure stomatal movements and photosynthetic rates.

Prolume Suppliers of coelentrazine and other luciferins.

Electron Tubes Limited. Suppliers of photomultiplier tubes. We use their tubes to measure aequorin luminescence.

Metamorph Image Capture and Analysis Software