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Tea room

Refreshments are for sale in the Tea Room, Mon-Fri 1015-1145 and 1515-1615. Make yourself known to Annie when you go in. At other times we have provided vending machines and a cold water tap. During these times access to the kitchen is restricted. Please do not enter the kitchen. If you require hot water for a particular drink please ask for it from the tearoom hatch. If you need to wash a dirty mug do it outside of these times or leave it on the trolley. We can provide a clean mug. For any other requests please ensure Annie knows you are there.

A fridge and microwave are also available for staff to use. This is the only place where food and drink may be consumed. 

If you use the fridge in the tearoom please make sure you write your name on anything you put in. Unnamed food gets thrown out weekly. There is a fortnightly cleaning rota. If you are new to the department and use the fridge a lot please let Accounts know so they can add you to the rota. If it stays clean it only takes you 10 minutes to do the clean, twice a year.

If you have any problems, difficulties or queries about the facilities contact the Departmental Administrator, who is always happy to help and to improve services within the Department.