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Stores and purchasing

Stores can be found on the ground floor off the corridor between the new Teaching Laboratory and the lift.

  • responsible for the efficient operation of the stores; purchasing, receipt, storage and distribution of goods;
  • advice regarding sourcing and pricing of goods, hazardous waste disposal, laundry, recycling.


  • Tel: (3)33910
  • Fax: (7)65229
  • Room: G14

Opening times:

  • 9.00-12.00
  • 3.00-5.00

Waste chemicals will ONLY be dealt with (via the outside entrance) between 12 & 1; please use the high-vis labels near stores counter.

Mr Dik Jeffrey

Head of Stores
Mr Dik Jeffrey
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3EA
Office Phone: 01223 333910


Please recycle the following items to the places stated:

To the Stores

Toner & inkjet cartridges
All types of batteries
Polystyrene boxes & packing chips and ice packs
Pipette tip racks & boxes
Wooden pallets

To the Workshop

Fluorescent tubes & lamp bulbs
Redundant electrical equipment

To window shelf by back door

Empty (rinsed-out) chemical bottles

To purple council bin outside back door

Cardboard, paper, cans, non-chemical bottles etc (Please collapse boxes