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Science Festival 14 March 2015

This section is for the Exhibitors/Volunteers at the

Cambridge Science Festival                        


Theme is 'Light' - you can browse the programme online here or download a PDF copy here.

Saturday 14 March: 10:00am - 4:00pm  ENLIGHTENED PLANTS

Department of Plant Sciences Marquee, Downing Site Downing Street, CB2 3EA

Research groups and exhibits:

  1. Evolution and Development: "Lighting the way to a nectar reward" (Beverley Glover, Edwige Moyroud, Matt Dorling)
  2. Molecular Physiology: "Supercharging photosynthesis to feed a growing global population" (Julian Hibberd, Steven Burgess)
  3. Epidemiology and Modelling: "Making light of plant disease" (Chris Gilligan, Ciara Dangerfield, James Elderfield)
  4. Plant Metabolism: “Algae make light work” (Alison Smith, Katrin Geisler)
  5. Sainsbury Laboratory: “Illuminating what humans can’t see” (Ottoline Leyser, Elisabeth Burmeister)
  6. EnAlgae and BAS: "Bright algae" (Bea Schlarb-Ridley)
  7. National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB): " NIAB Helps plants see the light” (Lydia Smith, Huw Jones, Denise Elliott)

Useful documents:

About Science Festival - how the Science Festival Works

Health and Safety - IMPORTANT- MUST READ!

General Risk Assessment produced by the Science Festival Team for the whole event

Risk Assessment - presentation from the University's Health and Safety Team

CFS overall risk assessment 

Volunteer Briefing Notes (General)

Volunteer Briefing Notes (Plant Sciences Marquee)* MUST READ

Plant Sciences Marquee Risk Assessment Form

Poster template

Your contacts for 2014 are:

Dijana Maric (7)61740 ()

Mariana Fazenda (3)33956 (

Elisabeth Burmeister (SLCU)  MARQUEE STEWARD 07914820423

First aid will be located in the McDonald Institute on 07740 378401

If you are interested in volunteering on the day, please get in touch with either Dijana or Mariana, we are always grateful for extra help!