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Facilities staff

Autoclaving Service

The Department currently has 3 autoclaves in the main building.

The waste machine is run as and when necessary i.e. enough solid waste to warrant it (plant material, tissue culture plates and for the sterilisation of bags of soil used for plant growth).

The Main Building media machines are run up to 4 times a day: 08:30, 10:30, 12.30 and 14.30.

PGF machines: On demand

Requests for deviations from standard run times must be by prior agreement with either the facilities technicians. The standard run program used in the Department is a holding temperature of 123 degrees C for 15 minutes for all sterilisation and destruction of liquid waste, solid waste is held at the same temperature for 30 minutes.  ALL autoclaving must be clearly labelled with your name, room number and what media type it is (in case of delays or problems).  Liquid media it should not occupy more than 80% of the capacity of the flask/bottle similarly do not overfill waste bags.

Also see, 'Waste Management Policy' in the Induction Handbook.

Laboratory Washing Up

The Department has 3 large glass washing machines, located in the basement of the main building, Room B4. The glassware is collected for washing and once it has been through the machine, will be returned when dry.


The Department has a Maintenance Workshop (tel 33929) located in the basement of the main building (Room No B3). Jobs can be requested/booked by emailing a request. Provision of electrical and mechanical maintenance services, including the fabrication and erection of shelving and other storage solutions, replacement of failed lighting products, installation of extra power services, and the movement of heavy items of laboratory equipment as necessary.

The workshop can also arrange for the repair of Laboratory equipment out of their scope by using either other Department’s workshops (Pathology or School of Biological Sciences are the preferred workshops- (dowload), or the original manufacturer of the equipment in question. Equipment repairs require the completion of Permit to Inspect and Repair forms A + B, again available to download.

Some of the Department’s equipment on a service contract.  These include autoclaves, glass-washing machines, confocal microscopes, centrifuges, growth facilities, HPLC’s, laminar flow cabinets, lecture room equipment, balances, compressors, spectrophotometers and all equipment incorporating refrigeration. If you have problems with any of this equipment, contact Marcus Jarman, Principal Technician.

All workshop related paperwork should be placed in the Workshop Pigeonhole.

For more major building maintenance problems contact Marcus Jarman, Principal Technician.


The workshop is also responsible for building security.


The Department contracts out its cleaning to Nightingale Cleaning (as of 1 October 2005). The cleaners are responsible for cleaning laboratory areas (and offices entered off of Labs). They will clean floors and wash basins, and will empty general waste bins, but not laboratory waste, this must be taken to be autoclaved. If there are problems you should contact Simon West in the first instance.

If there are any problems with the cleanliness of the public areas of the department that are cleaned under contract by Nightingale Cleaning you should contact (the Principal Technician TBA) who monitors all service contracts on behalf of the Department. This would include corridors, toilets, offices entered from corridors and lecture theatres.

Growth Facilities

See the Plant Growth Facilities information pages.

Van run

Transport between DoPS and PGF is available Mon-Thurs 10.00, 12.00, 16.00 and Fri 10.00, 14.00

SBS Vehicle Pool

Whilst not 'in house' the Department has access to the School of Biological Sciences vehicle pool, which is operated from the Department of Pathology Stores. To use the pool vehicles you must be registered with them as an approved driver. For registration forms and further details please contact me or visit the Biochemistry Department website for the vehicle pool

Rules of Media Service

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