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A-Z list of people

Go through the list on the left for support available and by whom.  The Induction Handbook and associated forms are in the "Health and safety" section.  Below is a list of all staff and students in the Department which can also be found using the groupings on the right.


Title Description
Mr Richard Boyle Visitor
Dr Luke Braidwood Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Kate Branley Part II student
Ms Ana Bravo Cazar Graduate Student
Mr Anthony Bridgen BBSRC DTP Graduate student
Ms Alex Broadway Part II student
Dr Samuel Fraser Brockington Head of Group
Ms Elizabeth Broom Part II student
Mr Luke Browning Research Associate
Mr Frederick Bunbury BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Mr Elliott Bussell Graduate student
Mrs Catherine Butler Departmental Administrator
Dr Mark Calleja Computer Officer
Mr Alex Canto Pastor Graduate Student
Dr Peter Carey Affiliated Lecturer
Dr John P Carr Head of Group, Biological Safety Officer
Ms Emily Chan Part II student
Mr Hei Yeung (Aland) Chan Intern then Part II student
Ms Kher Xing Chan (Cindy) Graduate Student
Mr Yuanjie Chen Graduate Student
Mr Chai Hao Chiu Post Graduate student
Dr Jeongmin Choi Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Betty Chung Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Ms Jemima Churchhouse Part II student
Mrs Angie Claxton Accounts Assisant
Mr Sam Coffin Graduate Student, BAS Cambridge Research Student
Ms Barley Collier Harris Part II student
Professor David Coomes Head of Group
Ms Alice Coppock Part II student