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A-Z list of people

Go through the list on the left for support available and by whom.  The Induction Handbook and associated forms are in the "Health and safety" section.  Below is a list of all staff and students in the Department which can also be found using the groupings on the right.


Title Description
Ms Bethan Manley Graduate student
Ms Jet Mante Part II student
Mr Kasey Markel Post Graduate student
Dr María del Carmen Martí Ruiz Contract Research Staff
Ms Elsa Matthus BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Ms Alice McDowell Part II student
Ms Jen McGaley Part II student
Dr Payam Mehrshahi Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Gonzalo Mendoza Research Associate
Mr Marcel Meyer Graduate Student
Ms Netsai Mhlanga Graduate Student
Ms Abigail Miller Part II student
Mrs Floriana Misceo Research Technician
Ms Sarah Mitchell BBSRC DTP Graduate Student
Ms Amirah Mohammad Sidik Graduate Student
Dr Jennifer Molloy Coordinator of OpenPlants
Mr Hector Montero Graduate student, Graduate Student Representative 2017/18
Mr George Moore Visitor
Dr Lukas Müller Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Sebastian Müller Contract Research Staff
Dr Alex M. Murphy Contract Research Staff
Mr Che Nabeta Part II student
Ms Divyashree Nageswaran Early Stage Researcher / Post Graduate Student, Graduate Student Representative 2017/18
Dr Francisco Navarro Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Viet Nguyen Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Matheus H Nunes Graduate Student
Ms Chloe Orland Graduate Student
Ms Ombretta Orsini Secretary to the Head of Department
Part II Students
Dr Uta Paszkowski Head of Group