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NAD and Ca2+ Signalling Mutants that Regulate the Circadian Clock

Supervisor: Alex Webb (Plant Sciences)

The circadian clock in all organisms is thought to comprise transcriptional feedback loops in the nucleus. Our laboratory has pioneered a new hypothesis that the circadian clock also includes changes in metabolism and signalling in the cytosol that are coupled to the oscillator in the nucleus (Dodd et al., 2007 Science 318, 1789 - 1791; Dalchau et al., 2011 PNAS 108, 5104 - 5109).

We proposed that the NAD-derived signalling molecule cADPR forms a non-transcriptional loop of the circadian clock of Arabidopsis (Dodd et al., 2007 Science 318, 1789 – 1791). We have now identified a large class of exciting new mutants that have lesions in this new signalling pathway.

In this project you will characterise the genetic basis of the mutation and the consequence for the functioning of the circadian clock and the plant as a whole.

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