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Dr Lize Joubert

Dr Lize Joubert
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3EA
Office Phone: 01223 333934


Lize joined the lab in 2016 as a visiting researcher while on research leave from the University of the Free State (South Africa), where she is Lecturer in plant taxonomy and curator of the Geo Potts Herbarium.

During her PhD, Lize worked on the systematics of the genus Cryptolepis (Periplocoideae, Apocynaceae). Her current research interest lies in the systematics and pollination biology of the Periplocoideae (Apocynaceae), focusing on the evolutionary significance of pollen aggregation and corona structure in relation to insect behaviour and pollination efficiency. 

Key Publications

Joubert, L.; Klak, C.; Venter, A.M.; Venter, H.J.T. and Bruyns, P.V. 2016. A widespread radiation in the Periplocoideae (Apocynaceae): The case of Cryptolepis. Taxon 65(3): 487–501

 Manning, J.C.; Goldblatt, P. and Joubert, L. 2013. A taxonomic revision of the small Cape genus Steirodiscus (Asteraceae – Senecioneae). Bothalia 43(1): 109–119

 Bester, S.P. and Joubert, L. 2011. Distribution of Cryptolepis delagoensis (Periplocoideae–Cryptolepideae), a subcontinental southern African endemic and selection of a neotype. Bothalia 41(1): 199–201.

 Joubert, L.; Venter, H.J.T. and Verhoeven, R.L.  2008. Cryptolepis bifida (Apocynaceae: Periplocoideae), a new species from Kenya and Tanzania, Africa. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 157, 343 –346.


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