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Department of Plant Sciences


Computational biology and bioinformatics are critically important in many areas of research in modern biology, especially when genome wide studies are undertaken. High throughput sequencing has played a major role in our understanding of the role of small RNAs in silencing mechanisms. The analysis of such data requires considerable bioinformatics resources. Dr Krys Kelly was appointed in April 2008 for 5 years to set up and develop a Bioinformatics Resource to support members of Plant Sciences. This is now located on the top floor of the Department of Plant Sciences as part of the David Baulcombe lab.

Experimental Design and Data Analysis

All members of the Bioinformatics group work with biologists to design, implement and analyse genome scale studies and laboratory experiments. Their contribution has been central and recognised by authorship on papers published by the Baulcombe group. They have also worked with the Henderson, Webb, Hibberd, Gray, Haseloff and Carr labs on high throughput sequencing and microarray studies. As well as analysing data themselves, the group provide advice and support to enable biologists to undertake their own analyses using pre-written and publicly available software.