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A-Z list of people in the Department

Title Description
Mr Gareth Steed Graduate Student
Mrs Melanie Steer Horticultural Technician
Dr Sean Stevenson Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Jaz Stoddart Part II student
Mr Richard Stutt Research Assistant
Mr Alexander Summers Post Graduate student
Mr William Summers BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Dr Stéphanie M Swarbreck
Dr Tom Swinfield Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Hamish Symington BBSRC DTP Graduate student
Ms Judit Talas Part II student
Dr Emma Talbot Wellcome Trust Junior Research Fellow
Mr Ioannis Tamvakis Post Graduate student
Dr Fallon Tanentzap Visitor
Dr Andrew Tanentzap Head of Group
Dr Ed Tanner Head of Group
Ms Catherine Taylor Graduate Student
Ms Laura Taylor BBSRC iCASE Post Graduate student
Mr Fabrizio Ticchiarelli Graduate Student
Mr Alfonso Timoneda Monfort Graduate Student, Research Laboratory Technician, Graduate Student Representative 2017/18
Ms Alexandra Ting Admin Assistant, SRI
Mr Andy Tock Research Associate
Ms Marta Tomaselli Graduate student
Ms Stephanie Topp Research Technician
Mr Kyaw Tun Postgraduate Student
Dr Trisna Tungadi Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Niina Valbuena CambPlants Admin
Dr Rubén Valbuena Marie Curie Research Fellow
Mr Martin Vyska Graduate Student

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Department of Plant Sciences
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T: 01223 333900
F: 01223 333953