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A-Z list of people in the Department

Title Description
Dr Sun-Ju Rhee Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Ronelle Roth Senior Research Associate
Ms Jamila Rowland-Chandler Intern
Dr Jessica Royles Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Indu Santhanagopalan Research Associate, TIGR2ESS
Dr Susana Sauret-Gueto Post Doctoral Research Associate, Lab Manager
Mr Andrew Sayer Postgraduate Student
Dr Tina Schreier Research Associate
Mrs Helen Scott Reception
Ms Emily Servante Postgraduate Student, Postgraduate Student Representative 2018/19
Ms Mara Sgroi Postgraduate Student
Mr Kavi Shah Intern
Dr Hester Sheehan Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Linda Silvestri Research Technician
Mr Conor Simpson Postgraduate student
Dr Pallavi Singh Post Doctoral Research Associate
Professor Alison Smith Head of the Department of Plant Sciences, Head of Group
Mr Tobias Stadelman Intern
Mr Matthew Stancombe Teaching / Research Technician
Mrs Susan Stanley Technician
Mr Gareth Steed Postgraduate Student
Mrs Melanie Steer Horticultural Technician
Dr Sean Stevenson Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Richard Stutt Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Alexander Summers Postgraduate Student
Dr Yevhen Suprunenko Research Associate
Ms Katy Sutherland Research Technician
Dr Stéphanie M Swarbreck Visitor
Mr Hamish Symington Postgraduate student

Contact us

Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge
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T: 01223 333900
F: 01223 333953