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A-Z list of people in the Department

Title Description
Mr Thomas Labadie Visitor
Mr Dan Lafferty Part III student (visitor)
Dr Christophe Lambing Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Barbara Landamore Chief Teaching Technician, Chief First Aider
Ms Emma Lawrence Research Associate
Mr Marcel Llavero-Pasquina Postgraduate Student
Dr Ivan Reyna-Llorens Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Sara Lopez-Gomollon Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Samuel Lopez-Nievez Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Annie Lu Catering Assistant
Dr Leonie Luginbuehl Research Associate
Dr Carlos Lugo-Velez Research Associate
Mr Craig Mackenzie Post Graduate Student BBSRC DTP Rotation
Professor Enid Macrobbie Professor of Plant Biophysics Emeritus, retired
Ms Bethan Manley Postgraduate Student
Dr Cicely Marshall Visiting Junior Research Fellow
Dr María del Carmen Martí Ruiz Visitor
Ms Elsa Matthus Postgraduate student
Ms Jennifer McGaley Post Graduate Student
Dr Payam Mehrshahi Senior Research Associate
Mr Gonzalo Mendoza Research Associate
Dr Marcel Meyer Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ms Netsai Mhlanga Postgraduate Student
Mrs Floriana Misceo Research Technician
Miss Sarah Mitchell Postgraduate Student
Ms Amirah Mohammad Sidik Graduate Student
Dr Jennifer Molloy Shuttleworth Foundation Research Fellow
Mr Hector Montero Graduate student, Graduate Student Representative 2018/19
Dr Pawel Mordaka Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Camillo Moschner Post Graduate Student BBSRC DTP Rotation

Contact us

Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge
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T: 01223 333900
F: 01223 333953