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Aims and objectives

sperm and eggThe University’s aims

Like all courses run by the University of Cambridge, our general aims include furthering those of the University itself, which are:

  • to provide an education of the highest quality at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, and so produce graduates of the calibre sought by industry, the professions and the public service, as well as providing the academic teachers and researchers of the future;
  • to continue to attract outstanding students from all backgrounds, including mature students, both from within the UK and from overseas;
  • to develop new areas of teaching and research in response to the advance of scholarship and the needs of the community;
  • to maintain the position of Cambridge as one of the world’s leading universities.

The aims of this course

  • to learn and understand the fundamental scientific concepts relating to a broad range of topics in animal, plant and microbial physiology
  • to become familiar with the basic factual information concerning the mechanisms and functioning of organisms that biology students will require in the rest of their scientific careers, to develop investigative skills and to become familiar with standard techniques of measurement;
  • to gain practice and confidence in applying this knowledge, in a quantitative manner where appropriate, to actual experiments.