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Easter term

Relevant IA coursesRelevant lecture blocksSpecific relevant lectures/ topics
Plant-animal interactions IA E&B Origins of plants (Glover) Lecture 4: Herbivore defences
Angiosperm radiation (Glover) Lecture 3: Gene duplication
IA PoO Physiological ecology (Griffiths) Lecture 9: Plant-animal interactions
Suggested review article: 'The specificity of herbivore-induced plant volatiles in attracting herbivore enemies'. McCormick et al. (2012) Trends in Plant Science 17(5):303-310
Conservation Suggested review article: 'A horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2013'. Sutherland et al. (2013) Trends in Ecology and Evolution 28(1):16-22
Exploitation of plants IA E&B Origins of plants (Glover) Lecture 5: Polypoidy
Angiosperm radiation (Glover) Lecture 4: Herbicide resistance & GM
Suggested review article: 'Genetic perspectives on crop domestication' Gross and Olsen (2010) Trends in Plant Science 15(9):529-37