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Department statement on plagiarism

Students submitting written work for examination in the Department are reminded of the need to acknowledge adequately the work of others in accordance with good academic practice.

Plagiarism (passing off somebody else's words or work as your own) is a form of cheating. The Department subscribes to the University's policy on plagiarism, which can be read at:

The Faculty Board of Biology has issued guidance on what constitutes plagiarism, and how to avoid it, which can be read at:

The Department considers the act of cheating as a serious matter and any incident will be reported to the Head of Department.

It is unacceptable to:

  • cheat during oral or written tests
  • copy the work of others and submit as your own
  • falsify and/or invent experimental data

TurnItInUK software policy

Written work submitted to the Department of Plant Sciences examiners for Part II Plant Sciences or for BBS Part II Plant Sciences may be submitted to TurnItInUK software.

  1. The examiners will follow the guidance issued by the General Board, outlined at:
  2. If an examiner has concerns regarding the originality of a piece of submitted work, the matter will be discussed by all examiners.
  3. The examiners will agree a mark on the piece of work, which will be lower if it contains the work of others with inadequate acknowledgement.
  4. If the examiners jointly suspect that a candidate aimed to gain an unfair advantage through plagiarism, they are required to report the matter to the Secretary of the Board of Examinations, and the Proctors.
  5. In such a case, the examiners will request that the suspect piece of work be submitted to TurnItIn software.
  6. The work will be submitted to the software by a senior member of assistant staff.
  7. The originality report produced by the software will be included in the disciplinary report.

In summary:

TurnItIn software may be used to provide evidence for any disciplinary investigation into suspected plagiarism in a part II examination.

The software will not be used as part of the assessment of the academic quality of the submitted work.