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Seminars and events

Departmental seminars

We are trialing a change of format this year in that the external and internal seminar series will be merged into a single series with alternating internal and external speakers. It sounds complicated but it's not :-) There will be only one seminar a week which will take place at 1pm on Thursday afternoon.

External speakers are coordinated by Dr Sam Brockington and will speak for one hour, while the internal post-doctoral speakers will speak for thirty minutes.

One consequence is that the seminar series will run outside of the 8-week term time - this allows us to maintain a decent intake of external talks, but still accommodate graduate and post-doctoral speakers.

Graduate seminars are organised by Dr Sara Lopez-Gomollon and each run for 30 minutes, sometimes scheduled in batches of two.

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An archive of the research seminars can be found at

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