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PhD studentships

If you are interested in our work and would like to apply for funding to come and join our group, please contact Dr Jill Harrison to discuss your ideas. Projects that would build on current research are listed below, but are not proscriptive.

Our group could benefit from people with skills in confocal microscopy, genetics, computational modelling and transcriptomics.

  1. Roles of auxin in Physcomitrella development        
  2. The basis of branching patterns in Physcomitrella         
  3. Regulation of meristem function in Physcomitrella        
  4. Computational modeling of Selaginella leaf development    
  5. Tools for cell-type specific gene expression in Marchantia    
  6. A forward genetic approach to bifurcation in Marchantia

If you need information about applying for studentships visit our Post-graduate training section.

Title Modification Date
The evolution of plant body plans Dec 05, 2014 10:39 AM