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These protocols are available on the lab website for general use. They are all tried and tested by me, so please use them in preference to other protocols that you have so that they can be easily trouble-shooted. If you have your own protocols that are simple and work well, please give me an electronic copy so that they can be included in the lab protocols.

Chemical Safety

Please check the safety advice on chemical bottles if you are using chemicals for the first time. Most of the chemicals in use are non toxic or irritant, and can be used without gloves in solution. Wear gloves and face mask for weighing out irritant and toxic chemicals. Please be particularly careful weighing out antibiotics, SDS, and other toxins, and wipe up all spills with water.


Clean up phenol spills with PEG 300 and wash off with plenty of cold water.


Do not close tubes with liquid nitrogen ground tissue until the tissue is fully thawed

Ethidium bromide

Use lab operating procedures


Clean up spills with 70% Ethanol and 10% bleach