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Welcome to the Green Reps Network space!

Explore a collection of resources we've found around the web that can help us make our research more efficient here at Plant Sciences and beyond. Why re-invent the wheel?! Acknowledgement of sources and links has been made as clear as possible. 

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Freezer Man

Tips & Info on: Cold Storage

A collection of useful resources on how to keep your freezer running as well as possible are in the table below, with instructions to help you find what you need to know! 


First of all, let this smiley man from Harvard show you how to simply de-ice your Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezer in 4 steps. Just click him! Courtesy of Green Harvard


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Best Bits


Freezers best practice - UniofEd Concise outline of the problems and solutions associated with ULT freezers with good onward links. Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability, University of Edinburgh
UC-Boulder ULF Maint checklist Single page How-to guide for simple ULT freezer maintenance. CU Green Labs Program, Environmental Center, University of Colorado, Boulder
Running a ULF - Storesmart

Comprehensive document on ULT freezer best practice.

P6 - How to clean the filter

P6-7 - How to quickly reduce frost accumulation

Store Smart Program, University of California, Davis
UC-Boulder -70 Efforts Excellent mini-site explaining why it is a good idea to 'chill-up' ULT freezers from -80'C to -70'C. CU Green Labs Program, Environmental Center, University of Colorado, Boulder