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List of studentships

As well as the studentships listed below the University of Cambridge is offering up to 20 four-year BBSRC-funded studentships starting in October 2014.  See also the The Cambridge NERC Earth Systems Science DTP.

This is the full list of studentships available in the Department. 

Click on each one for information or use the list of names on the left to see which each group has available. 

Contact the supervisor for more information about the studentship.  For administration details use the 'How to apply' link.

Airborne remote sensing of the effects of anthropogenic disturbance on biogeochemical processes
Annexin-mediated signalling in stress and defence
Channel formation by annexins; plant nanopores?
Chloroplast Ca2+ signalling
Environmental signalling in a marine diatom
Evolving cellular diversity across the water/land interface
Exploring diversity for crop improvement in multiparent populations
Extracellular ATP as a novel regulator of signalling and development
Genotypic and environmental factors affecting canopy expansion and duration in potato
How to spot a daisy (evolution and development of petal spots)
Invesigating the role of algal-bacterial symbiosis for atmospheric sulphur (dimethyl sulphide) production
Is older better? Evolutionary constraints on biodiversity and ecosystem function
Modelling the dispersal of plant pathogen vectors
Nitric oxide regulation of calcium channels and signalling
Ozone resistance in plants
Protecting UK wheat production; the role of root-root interactions
Root hair growth for crop improvement
Spurring evolution: understanding the development and diversity of nectar spurs
Studentships available in Food Security
The evolution of branching forms in the colonization of land
The genetic basis of herbivore deterrence in tomato
Too much of a good thing: how does waterlogging constrain species distributions?
Truncated genes and flower colour evolution (Function and evolution of a transcriptional regulator of petal pigmentation from Antirrhinum)