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A-Z list of people in the Department

Title Description
Mr SM Abdul Awal Graduate Student
Mrs Deusa Abreu Graduate Student
Ms Claire Agius Graduate Student
Dr Chiara Airoldi Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mrs Christine Alexander Departmental Librarian
Dr Tsuyoshi Aoyama Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Sue Aspinall Lab Manager, Departmental Safety Manager
Ms Emily Bailes Graduate Student
Mr James Barlow Research Laboratory Technician, Radiation Protection Supervisor
Ms Christine Bartram Chief Herbarium Technician
Dr Pawel Baster Laboratory Manager
Mrs Anne Bates Senior Research Technician
Professor Sir David Baulcombe Head of Group, Regius Professor of Botany, Royal Society Research Professor
BBSRC DTP Students
Ms Alexandra Bell Graduate Student
Ms Hayley Bell Undergraduate Teaching Administrator
Dr Veronica Bennett Affiliated Lecturer
Miss Roshni Best Graduate Student
Mr Vaibhav Bhardwaj Graduate Student
Dr Yue Bin Visitor
Mr Surge Biswas Graduate Student
Mr Alexander Blackwell Graduate Student
Mr Christian Boehm Graduate Student
Dr Donna M Bond Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Nigel Boulding Plant Growth Facilities Manager
Mr Chris Boursnell Contract Research Staff
Ms Laura Bouvet BBSRC DTP Student and Graduate Student
Mr Iain Bower BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Mr Luke Braidwood BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Ms Ana Bravo Cazar Graduate Student
Dr Sam Brockington Head of Group
Mr Luke Browning Graduate Student
Mr Frederick Bunbury BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Dr Steven Burgess Contract Research Staff
Mr Christophe Buser Graduate Student
Mrs Catherine Butler Departmental Administrator
Dr Xiaohao Cai Wellcome Trust Senior Intern for Interdisciplinary Research
Dr Mark Calleja Computer Officer
Mr Alex Canto Pastor Graduate Student
Dr Peter Carey Affiliated Lecturer
Dr John P Carr Head of Group, Biological Safety Officer
Mr Oliver Caspari Graduate Student
Matt Castle Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ms Kher Xing Chan (Cindy) Graduate Student
Dr Jeongmin Choi Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Kyuha Choi Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Betty Chung Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr David Coomes Head of Group
Ms Megan Cooper Graduate Student Administrator
Dr Yoan Coudert Contract Research Staff
Dr Sarah Covshoff Contract Research Staff
Dr Nik Cunniffe Head of Group
Dr Michele Dalponte Research Associate
Dr Ciara Dangerfield Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Adeeba Dark Laboratory Manager
Dr Matthew Davey Senior Research Associate
Dr Julia Davies Head of Group
Mr Christopher Davis Visiting Part III student
Ms Gwendolyn Davis Graduate Student
Dr Jennifer Deegan Visitor
Mr Mihails Delmans BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Mr Colin Denston Principal Technician, Fire Safety Manager
Mr Patrick Diaz Graduate Student
Mr Patrick Dickinson Graduate Student
People in the Department
Dr Ruairi Donnelly Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Maria Gabriella Doria-Ramirez Graduate Student
Mr Matthew Dorling Technician
Mr Charles Dowell Part II student
Mr James Elderfield BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Dr Natasha Elina Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Liam Elliott Part II student
Mr Stuart Fawke Graduate Student
Dr Mariana Fazenda Innovation and Enterprise Project Officer
Dr Mario Fernández-Mazuecos Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Richard Fieldsend Computing Technician
Dr João Filipe Postdoctoral Research Associate
Mr Christopher Finch Graduate Student
Ms Franziska Fischer BBSRC DTP student
Mr Tony Fletcher Technician
Ms Jéssica Fonseca Da Silva Graduate Student
Mr George Foot BAS Graduate Student
Mr James Forsythe Part II student
Mr Alexander Frank Graduate Student
Ms Lauranne Gateau Graduate Student
Dr Katrin Geisler Post Doctoral Research Associate
Professor Chris Gilligan Head of Epidemiology and Modelling Group
Professor Beverley Glover Head of Group, Director of Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Mr David Godding BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Mr Fabio Pinto Gomes Visitor
Mr Aleix Gorchs Visitor
Mr Quentin Gouil Graduate Student
Graduate Students
Dr Paul Grant Contract Research Staff
Ms Catherine Griffin BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Professor Howard Griffiths Head of Group; Professor of Plant Ecology; Teaching Coordinator
Mr Yannick Guerringue Visitor
Ms Susannah Guinee Part II student
Mr Greg Habrych Computing Support
Mr Joe Halstead Part II student
Mrs Sally Hames Secretary
Dr David Hanke Senior Lecturer
Dr Thomas Hardcastle Senior Research Associate
Ms Sophie Harrington Part II student
Dr Jill Harrison Head of Group, Laser Safety Manager
Dr Jim Haseloff Head of Group
Mr Del Hawtin Principal Accounts Clerk
Mr Timothy Hearn Graduate Student
Dr Katherine E Helliwell Contract Research Staff
Dr Ian Henderson Head of Group
Professor Julian Hibberd Head of Group, Radiation Protection Supervisor
Head of Group
Ms Helen Holmes Graduate Student
Mr Martin Howes Energy Co-ordinator
Dr Katharine Hubbard Teaching Associate
Mr Javaid Iqbal Visitor
Ms Alexandra Jamieson Temporary Technician
Ms Fiona Jamieson Part II student
Mr Dik Jeffrey Head of Stores
Mr Sanjie Jiang Graduate Student
Mr Junyang Jin Postgraduate Student
Ms Rachel Johnson BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Mr Glyn Jones Technician
Dr Tommaso Jucker Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Hyun Ju Jung Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Anton Kan Graduate Student
Dr Elena Kazamia Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Krys Kelly Senior Research Associate
Ms Iona Kendall Teaching Technician
Ms Jana Knerova Graduate Student
Mr Ulrich Johan Kudahl Graduate Student
Mr Thomas Labadie Visitor
Ms Olunfunmilayo (Funmi) Ladejobi Postgraduate Student
Dr Christophe Lambing Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Barbara Landamore Chief Teaching Technician, Chief First Aider
Ms Emma Lawrence BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Mr Juheon Lee Graduate Student
Ms Zheng Li Graduate Student
Ms Marina Linardic Graduate Student
Mr Alexander Litvinenko Graduate Student
Mr Ivan Reyna-Llorens Graduate Student
Dr Sara Lopez-Gomollon Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Annie Lu Catering Assistant
Ms Gillian Lui Graduate Student
Mr Rogellio Luque-Lora Part II student
Mr William Lynam Graduate Student
Mr Jamie Males Graduate Student
Ms Alison Mann Technician
Mr Jonathan Mapelli Intern
Ms Dijana Maric Project Co-ordinator
Dr María del Carmen Martí Ruiz Contract Research Staff
Ms Cecilia Martinez Graduate Student
Ms Leanne Massie Part II student
Ms Elsa Matthus BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Mr Greg Mellers Graduate Student
Mr Marcel Meyer Graduate Student
Dr Moritz Meyer Contract Research Staff
Ms Olga Mielczarek Graduate Student
Ms Jennifer Molloy Coordinator of OpenPlants
Mr Hector Montero Intern
Dr Edwige Moyroud Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr Sebastian Müller Contract Research Staff
Mr Hugh Mulvey Part II student
Dr Alex M. Murphy Contract Research Staff
Ms Divyashree Nageswaran Early Stage Researcher / Post Graduate Student
Ms Farhat Nazir Graduate Student
Ms Sarah Neihaus Graduate Student
Dr Viet Nguyen Post Doctoral Research Associate
Miss Louisa Norman Algae Research Assistant
Mr Matheus Nunes Graduate Student
Mr Hamish Oliphant Part II student
Dr Allan Olspert Contract Research Staff
Ms Chloe Orland Graduate Student
Ms Ombretta Orsini Secretary to the Head of Department
Mr Nick Owen Graduate Student
Dr Matt Parry Visitor
Part II Students
Dr Uta Paszkowski Head of Group, Biological Safety Officer
Mr Om Patange Intern
Mrs Adrienne Pate Senior Research Laboratory Technician
Mr Kanu Patel Research Assistant
Ms Rashmi Patil Technician
Dr Matthew Patrick Postdoctoral Research Associate
Mr Jonathan Pattrick BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Mr Andres Plaza-Aguilar Graduate Student
Mr Bernardo Pollak Graduate Student
Ms Jacquelyne Poon Graduate Student
Ms Nuri Purswani Graduate Student
Mr Clément Quan Graduate Student
Mr Erick Ramos Visitor
Ms Alison Reed Graduate Student
Mr Gregory Reeves Graduate Student
Mr Darius Riahy Graduate Student
Mr Christian JA Ridley Graduate Student
Mr Luis Robledo-Arratia Graduate Student
Ms Chadtip Rodtassana Graduate Student
Dr Ronelle Roth Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Jessica Royles Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Tim Rudge Graduate Student
Mr Daniel Safka Visiting Part III student
Mr Bruno Santos Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Mark Scaife Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr David Schoepfer Graduate Student
Ms Chloe Scott Part II student
Mrs Helen Scott Reception
Ms Madeline Seale Graduate Student
Ms Fiona Seaton Part II student
Dr Heïdi Serra Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Angie Shaw Accounts Assisant
Mr Merlin Sheldrake Graduate Student
Mr Geofrey Sikazwe Graduate Student
Mr Will Simonson Research Associate
Ms Minerva Singh Graduate Student
Ms Chloe Smale Research Technician
Mr Simon Smart Graduate Student
Professor Alison Smith Head of Group, Acting Head of the Department of Plant Sciences
Mr Nathan Smith Part II student
Mr Richard Smith Graduate Student
Mr Jeremy Solly Graduate Student
Ms Rebecca Spriggs Graduate Student
Mr Matthew Stancombe Teaching / Research Technician
Mrs Susan Stanley Technician
Ms Alexandra Steeples Part II student
Mrs Melanie Steer Horticultural Technician
Mrs Suzy Stoodley BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) Administrator
Mr Richard Stutt Graduate Student
Mr Pakpoom Subsoontorn Research Associate
Mr William Summers BBSRC DTP and Graduate student
Mr Jian Sun Visitor
Dr Stéphanie M Swarbreck
Dr Marek Szecowka Contract Research Staff
Dr Erik Szkokan-Emilson Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Andrew Tanentzap Head of Group
Ms Shuoya Tang Senior Research Laboratory Technician
Dr Ed Tanner Head of Group
Ms Catherine Taylor Graduate Student
Ms Lin Taylor Graduate Student
Mr Oliver Terrett Part II student
Mr Robin Thompson Graduate Student
Mr Alfonso Timoneda Monfort Laboratory Research Technician
Ms Eleanor Tomsett Technician
Dr Trisna Tungadi Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Celestin Ukozehasi Graduate Student
Dr Charles Underwood Visitor
Ms Stephanie Unna Graduate Student
Dr Tuomo Valkonen Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Adrian Valli Post Doctoral Research Associate
Mr Martin Van Rongen Graduate Student
Mr Martin Vyska Graduate Student
Mr Richard Walter Technician
Mr Francis Wamonje Graduate Student
Dr Xiao Wang Senior Research Laboratory Manager
Dr Zhengming Wang Post Doctoral Research Associate
Professor Alex Webb Head of Group, Department Safety Officer
Dr Cerian Webb Visitor
Ms Béatrice Wedeux Graduate Student
Mr Simon West Maintenance and Facilities Manager
Mr C White Graduate Student
Mr Charles Whittaker Part II student
Ms Beccy Wilebore Graduate Student
Dr Katie Wilkins Post Doctoral Research Associate
Ms Sarah Wiseman Part II student
Mr Lukas Wittern Graduate Student
Ms Joanna Wolstenholme Part II student
Mr Archie Wood Visiting Part III student
Dr Xiaohui Zhao Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Piotr A. Ziolkowski Post Doctoral Research Associate